Investing your money in ships ?

Investing your money in the trade of ships is a lucrative opportunity for those who have the acces to the possibilities. We offer you that acces.

We offer a limited number of participants the opportunity to share in the profits generated by the trade in ships.

What exactly do you invest in.

There is no investment in ships or their exploitation, as is usually the case in so-called shipping CVs, etc. The income from ship CVs is occasionally disappointing and that does not benefit you as an investor. In times of economic crisis, and currently international shipping is in such a crisis, you can hardly earn dry bread while sailing and operating ships. Investing in the operation of ships is therefore not interesting and this is precisely one of the reasons that ships currently have to be sold. These sales often occur far below the current market value.

You only invest in the purchase of ships with the intention of selling them as soon as possible. It is not only the Greeks who get rich by selling ships. Dutch traders in ships can also quickly buy and sell ships and thus earn money quickly. Since those purchases need to be financed, money is raised from private and / or business participants, who then share in the profit made.

Where is the profit?

The ships that are purchased are usually sold quickly and so the invested capital will soon be available for a next project. Because of the (small) contribution of the investor, a lucrative transaction can be made several times a year, which can yield a high return.

The capital required.

Larger capitals are usually required to purchase ships. By pooling many small amounts, it is therefore possible to raise considerable capital to buy those ships. 

More information and contact.

If you are interested, we request you to contact us. In a simple explanation we can give you more openness about the ins and outs of your possible investment. This is initially possible by e-mail (see contact page), but you can always contact us by telephone if you wish. We are in principle always available, but at least on working days from 08:00 to 18:00. Shipping is a so-called "24/7 business", talking together outside office hours is common here.



We are not an investment firm, no investment vehicle and no investment fund or the like. We are therefore not affiliated with AFM or other stock exchange-related bodies. If you invest, you are a lender who invests personal or business money, on which a guaranteed return is given. An open and transparent administration is maintained, which can be checked by the participant, to which you have access at all times as a participant, if you wish to carry out interim checks. This is part of the agreement and will be confirmed to you in writing.